We Support and Enhance the Undergraduate Experience

The mission of the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC) is to help undergraduate students achieve their academic goals, navigate the institution, and engage with other students, faculty and staff at Michigan State University. The Neighborhoods provide services through its five Neighborhood Engagement Centers, Neighborhood Advising team, Dow STEM Scholars Program, and the Collaborative Learning Center.  Resources provide in the neighborhoods are organized into five key developmental areas: academic, health and wellness, intercultural, purpose/career, and residential.

The Engagement Centers are unique spaces located in each neighborhood and serve as the main access points to important resources such as faculty, classes, tutors, neighborhood advisors, health practitioners, and other consultants that can help you navigate through your college career.  Go there to:
•    See an Academic Advisor
•    Get questions answered
•    Find assistance with math coursework, writing papers, and other academic subjects
•    Sign up for recreation and fitness programs
•    Make an appointment with the health clinic
•    Learn about upcoming events in and around your neighborhood
•    Participate in intercultural dialogues
•    Attend Class
•    Explore majors and careers
•    Socialize with friends