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Who We Are

NSSC is divided into two departments: Student Academic Affairs (SAA) and the Learning Resources Center (LRC). SAA serves as the Assistant Dean's office for all freshmen and sophomores who are not members of a Residential College (James Madison, Lyman Briggs, or the Residential College in Arts and Humanities).

NSSC advisors are the primary academic advisors for those students who have not declared a major preference and also provide supplementary advising for students with declared majors.

Student Academic Affairs (SAA) works closely with all colleges and academic support units across campus. We are committed to preparing academically successful scholars and leaders, increasing the retention rate of freshmen and sophomores, and assisting students with the major selection process.

Neighborhood Academic Advisors

  • Can help students with adjusting to university life
  • Can assist with the process of choosing a major compatible with a student's interests and abilities
  • Can facilitate and support academic skill building

NSSC has prepared an advising syllabus explaining advisor and student responsibilities. It also provides suggestions for students as they work toward completion of their college education.

Visit the Learning Resources Center (LRC) website for information on learning skills and tutoring services.

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