Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative

Academic Advising

Drop In Hours
Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 4:15 PM
Office Hours
Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Note: During the first two weeks of classes only drop-in hours available.

Academic Advising Locations

Students can schedule an appointment or take advantage of drop in hours (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) at any of the five Engagement Centers. Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m Monday - Friday.
The 1st two weeks of classes we ONLY have drop-in hours available. 

Taking an Active Role in the Advising Process

Academic advising is a collaborative effort between a student and an advisor. Students are best served when they are active participants in the advising process.
  • See an academic advisor at least twice each semester. You can schedule an appointment or take advantage of drop-in hours.
  • Think about what you would like to get out of your advising session.
  • Come prepared to give the advising session your full attention.
  • Bring a list of possible majors that you are interested in exploring.
  • Check the online Academic Program Catalog for courses needed for a particular major.
  • Check Schedule of Courses for class times and for course pre-requisites.
  • Ask questions if you don't understand something.
  • Take notes and keep copies of your advising material in a folder.
  • Follow through with the recommended support services.
  • Regularly check your MSU email for official communications.

Major Changes

If you have:

 A. 55 or fewer credits you may use this form to request a major change. Students with a major in James Madison, Lyman Briggs or the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities must complete an exit interview/survey* with their college prior to submitting a major change request.  If you have questions on being an Exploratory Preference Major please meet with any Neighborhood Advisor.

Submit an online request: Online Major Change Request Form  

Form Access Instructions

  • Sign out of Non-MSU Google Apps accounts and close all tabs or windows running Google Apps (Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, etc.)
  • Select this link: Online Major Change Request Form
  • The MSU Authentication page will open.
  • Enter your MSU NETID and Password

Note: If you receive the message “You need permission” log out of all Google accounts and close all open tabs or windows running Google Apps, and follow the above steps again.

 *Residential College Process - Freshmen and Sophomores in James Madison, Lyman Briggs or the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities must first complete an exit interview with their residential college advisor or office staff assistant. Upon completion of the exit interview, a note is entered in your Electronic Student Academic Folder (ESAF) verifying your eligibility to change majors. After the completion of this process students must meet with an Advisor to request a major change.


 B. 56 or more credits, to initiate a major change students must meet with the major advisor and/or contact the Academic and Student Affairs Office (Advising Office) for the college of the desired major.

Academic Orientation Program (AOP)

No-Preference students will meet with Neighborhood Advisors during the College Session: Planning My Learning Experience. During this session, Neighborhood Advisors will talk about:

  • Major Exploration
  • Exploratory/Elective Course Options
  • Academic Matters
  • Academic Support Services
  • Scheduling Assignment

AOP Freshman Booklet

After the AOP College Session students will be given an appointment to meet with a Neighborhood Advisor. During the advising appointment, the advisor and the student will prepare an enrollment plan for the upcoming academic year (fall and spring semesters). This plan typically balances the university requirements with exploratory courses that are applicable toward the minimum 120/123* credits required by Michigan State University for graduation.

After preparing an enrollment plan, students will go to a computer lab to begin the enrollment process. Student aides will work one-on-one with incoming students and assist with enrollment. Advisors will be available for consultation regarding scheduling during this process. Schedules can be altered when students return to campus in the Fall - depending on class availability and other factors.

In the Fall, all No-Preference freshmen students will be assigned to a Neighborhood Advisor. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor at least once each semester. Students are encouraged to contact a Neighborhood Advisor at any time if they have any questions or concerns.

*A minimum of 123 credits is required for graduation if MTH 1825 is required

Petitioning for Reinstatement

Click here for Petition Form

Petitioning for Reinstatement provides you an opportunity to speak with the Associate Dean about your academic progress in your most recent semester(s). During this interaction, students commonly express extenuating circumstances that impact(ed) their ability to meet the rigors of the university and strategies for returning to “Good academic standing". You may submit a Petition for Reinstatement for any future semester prior to the completion of the required three consecutive semesters of recess.

Petitioning for Reinstatement does not guarantee you will be reinstated, and simple desire to return to the university is not sufficient support for a petition. You need to prove (not merely assert) you are ready to succeed if allowed to return to the university and resume course work. This Petition for Reinstatement process is available for recessed students whom where not admitted to a college and have earned less than 56 credits.  Note: This petition does not guarantee reinstatement into MSU.


After completing the petition, schedule a petition for reinstatement appointment by calling (517) 355-3515.  Appointments are available Monday – Friday, May 14th – June 1st and again from July 30th – August 24th at various times each day. See below for the last day to apply depending on your current semester.


Deadlines for applying for reinstatement for Fall semester

July 27th Submission deadline for students recessed prior to the current summer semester.
August 23rd Submission deadline for students recessed at the conclusion of the most recent summer semester.


Deadlines for applying for reinstatement for Spring semester
November 30th Submission deadline for students recessed prior to the current fall semester.
December 31st Submission deadline for students recessed at the conclusion of the most recent fall semester.

*Summer semester           Not Applicable


If you have been dismissed from the University, do not complete this form.  Students who have been dismissed must submit a Readmission Application after the completion of their two year (six consecutive semesters, including summers) term.

Academic Probation

Good academic standing requires that a student have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. When a student’s cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0 their academic status is moved from Good Academic Standing to Academic Probation. When placed on academic probation, a student needs to assess their academic performance and identify what they need to do to return to good academic standing.

A Student on Academic Probation Must

  • Complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) form. The link to this form can be found on the Financial Aid webpage in the 3rd paragraph under the heading “How to Appeal”.
  • After completing and submitting the SAP form, a student must meet with an academic advisor for a probation conference and have an advisor complete their portion of the form.

Students who have declared a major preference may wish to schedule his/her SAP appointment with the advisor for that major or they may meet with a Neighborhood advisor in one of the five Neighborhood Engagement Centers.

Probation Conferences are most effective when they are done at or prior to the beginning of the semester! 

Academic Resources

Associated Students of MSU, (ASMSU)

ASMSU is the undergraduate Student Government of MSU. Our mission is to enhance our individual and collective student experience through education, empowerment, and advocacy by dedication to the needs and interests of students.


Marathon of Majors

Every Fall and Spring we have Marathon of Majors in the MSU Union Ballroom from 5-7pm! With over 100 majors at MSU, picking one can seem overwhelming. This is a one-stop opportunity to meet with representatives from MSU’s Colleges and support units to learn about: - Internship & Career Information - Transfer Credit Information - Study Abroad - Tutoring - Minor Requirements - Major & College Requirements - Academic & Support Resources - Exploring Majors/Minors

College of Veterinary Medicine Office of Diversity & Inclusion Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction for College of Veterinary Medicine Office of Diversity & Inclusion is free to all students in these subjects: Algebra, Chm I, Cell Bio, Genetics, Physio, Neuro and Org Chm Monday, September 18th - Friday, December 1, 2017. Contact for services. D2L –CVM Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Unit: Collge of Veterinary Medicine Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Bio Sci Help FS17

The goal of the help room is to help you form lasting mental models of key biological processes which will help you succeed on exams and in future courses for which BioSci Courses are a prerequisite.

Unit: BioSci Help Fall 2017

MSU Libraries

Our goal is to provide the best possible library service to support your research and teaching. The Libraries advance knowledge and promote learning with a world-class collection of information resources, excellent service and technology-rich facilities that encourage both collaborative and independent study.

Unit: MSU Libraries

Office of Education Abroad

MSU administers over 275 programs taking place in over than 60 countries around the world.

Unit: Office for Education Abroad

Undergraduate Research

Each year, thousands of MSU undergraduates participate in research or other creative activities. Their efforts help to extend the frontiers of knowledge and make substantive contributions to the intellectual community.


Textbook and Course Materials Shopping Guide

Purchasing textbooks each semester is often a major expense and source of stress for students. However, there are major savings on textbooks available to students who know where and when to look. Just like buying a cell phone plan or car, customers who research find better deals.

Unit: Spartan Life OnLine

Student Accounts

Manage your student account online, including paying bills and loans and checking your financial status.

Unit: Office of the Controller

Extended AOP

Extended AOP is a great method to let people know not only more about America, but also America culture...Extended AOP helps them to know better about how to be a college student in Michigan, or how to survive in an English speaking country.”


Schedule of Courses

After AOP, look up your classes in the online schedule of courses, find the instructor, learn the locations, and by clicking on the section number, see when classes begin and end, required textbooks, and additional important information.

Unit: Schedule of Courses

Academic Programs

Check the online Academic Program Catalog for courses needed for a particular major and policies that guide your progression through your tenure as an MSU undergraduate.

Unit: Academic Programs Catalog

List of MSU Colleges

Visit the list of Colleges on campus to begin your search for departments and faculty in your area of interest.

Unit: College and Academic Websites

One book, One Community

The annual One Book, One Community program, is co-sponsored by the City of East Lansing and Michigan State University, encourages the city-university community to read the same book and come together to discuss it in a variety of settings.

Unit: One Book, One Community

Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid provides access, aid and advisory services for the MSU Community.

Unit: Office of Financial Aid

Office of the University Ombudsperson

The Office of the University Ombudsperson is a resource for students to support success initiatives for grade disputes, academic misconduct, as well as any other complaints/concerns a student may have with the university.

Unit: Office of the University Ombudsperson

Academic Orientation and Transitions

Learn about MSU’s Learning Goals, enroll in courses, become familiar with resources, get a taste of campus life & see what it means to be a Spartan.

Unit: Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

MSU Theory Tutoring Center

Help with your questions, provide extra practice, or serve as a quiet place to work on your theory homework.

Unit: MSU College of Music

Mechanical Engineering Learning Center

To strengthen ME undergraduate students’ understanding of key concepts, assist with challenging homework problems, and prepare students for exams.

Unit: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Livestream Tutoring

One-on-one STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and Writing (WRA, RCAH, IAH, ISS, & reading/writing skills) tutoring.

Unit: TRIO Student Support Services

Guided Learning Center

One-on-one & small group assistance in over 80 Engineering and related courses, include supplemental instructions for the more challenging courses.

Unit: Diversity Programs Office, College of Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tutoring for some 200 and 300 levels ECE courses to undergraduate students.

Unit: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

CSE Help Rooms

Provides tutoring to student in selected CSE courses. The help rooms are staffed by undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants.

Unit: Department of Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 101 Help Room

Provides tutoring and academic support for students enrolled in CSE101.

Unit: Department of Computer Science Engineering

Construction Management Tutoring

SPDC will offer tutoring for Construction Management courses CMP 124, CMP 211, CMP 222 and CMP 230 on Wednesday evenings throughout the semester.

Unit: School of Planning, Design and Construction

College of Veterinary Medicine Tutoring

APSS Office invites students with grade below 2.0 on an exam to join the College's group tutoring program to meet with tutors for at least 2hrs/week.

Unit: Office of Academic Programs and Student Success, College of Veterinary Medicine

Civil Engineering Help Room

Help Room for CE221.

Unit: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Chemistry Help Room

The free tutoring is available in rooms 81 and 83 in the Chemistry Building. A schedule is posted outside the doors with further information.

Biochemistry Help Room

Free drop-in tutoring is available for BMB 401 and BMB 461 in the fall and BMB 401 and BMB 462 in the spring in the Biochemistry Building, Room 402.

Unit: Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Natural Science

Social Science Help Rooms

Offers a variety of support options for students, including drop-in tutoring & review sessions for partner courses in CJ, EC, HST, IAH, ISS, & SOC.

Unit: College of Social Science

Learning Assistant Help Rooms

Get help with BIO, CEM, HPS, MATH, and Physics courses.

Unit: Lyman Briggs College

Chemistry 141 Tutoring

Get free help from recitation instructors in the chemistry help room or neighborhood engagement centers. Schedules are posted on D2L & course website.

Unit: Department of Chemistry

Spartan Success Scholars

Students receive continuous peer support, participate in high impact learning experiences, and become a part of a prestigious community of Scholars.

Unit: Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative

Nurse Scholars Program

The Nurse Scholar Program gives high-performing students the opportunity to earn admission into the College of Nursing straight out of high school.

Unit: College of Nursing

MSU Libraries Peer Research Assistants

PRAs help find information for research papers, search for articles or books, and connect you to the library services that will help you most.

Unit: MSU Libraries


The program offers the opportunity for you to take your science courses with a cohort in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Unit: Lyman Briggs College

College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

CAMP offers individuals with migrant or seasonal farm work backgrounds a unique opportunity to begin an undergraduate program in MSU.

Unit: Migrant Student Services

Citizen Scholars

Prepares the next generation of diverse, high achieving, & engaged citizen leaders; encourages academic success & high-impact learning experiences.

Unit: Collge of Arts & Letters

Charles Drew Science Scholars Program

Provides academic/ social support for high achieving students pursuing science/ math degrees, including those interested in health & science careers

Unit: College of Natural Science

Academic Scholars Program

For incoming first-year students with strong academic records who are seeking enriched academic opportunities in the first two years of college

Unit: Honors College

Writing Center

Services for all students—from freshmen to ESL students to graduate students—in all stages of the writing process and for any type of assignment.

Unit: Writing Center

OISS Advising-East Neighborhood

International students have unique advising needs because they must maintain their immigration status and meet university academic requirements.

Unit: Office for International Students and Scholars

Multicultural Business Program

Tutors help students review concepts, practice problem solving and applications in 10 core business courses during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Unit: Eli Broad College of Business

Philosophy Tutoring

Offered tutoring services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. at S. Kedzie Hall.

Unit: Department of Philosophy, College of Arts and Letters

Physics Help Room

Walk-in assistance with physics in 1248 BPS.

Unit: College of Natural Science

Physics Strosacker Learning Center -- PHY 231/231C

Please bring your formula sheet and the work you have done so far on your homework. Staff will assist "cooperative learning."

Unit: Department of Physics & Astronomy, College of Natural Science

Romance and Classical Studies

Romance and Classical Studies Language Help Rooms Spring 2017 TBA

Unit: Romance and Classical Studies, College of Arts and Letters

STT Help Room

Offers tutoring for STT 200, 201, 315 -- located in A102 Wells Hall.

Unit: Department of Statistics and Probability, College of Natural Science

IT Services Walk-In Help Desk

Get help with Student Systems, (e.g.,online enrollment, StuInfo, Degree Navigator), computer help, password resets, and more.

Unit: MSU IT Service Desk

College Advising Corps

Advising Corps integrates student support into the high school model in order to address nonacademic barriers to student achievement & success.

Unit: College Advising Corps

Social Science Study Away Programs

Study Away programs offer courses & internships at locations within the US, allowing students to apply classroom knowledge in professional settings.

Unit: College of Social Science

CAL-led Freshman Seminar Abroad in Germany

Incoming first-year students travel with CAL faculty and staff, studying folklore or human rights and earning integrative studies credit.

Unit: College of Arts & Letters

Arts & Letters Study Away Programs

Students to immerse themselves within the USA in active learning experiences enhanced by extended exposure to new cultural and residential communities

Unit: College of Arts & Letters

Osteopathic Medical Scholars Program (OMSP)

OMSP integrates an early exposure to physician and clinical skills, community involvement, and leadership roles.

Unit: College of Osteopathic Medicine

First Year Mentor Program

Supports First Year Students in their transition to James Madison/MSU and encourages successful academic and personal development.

Unit: James Madison College

Spartan Engineering (CoRe) Experience

Provides engineering students with unmatched learning opportunities within a community that encourages academic, professional & personal achievement.

Unit: College of Engineering

Residential Initiative for the Study of the Environment (RISE)

RISE is an interdisciplinary living-learning program focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Unit: College of Natural Science

Residential College for Arts and Humanities (RCAH)

RCAH offers an interdisciplinary degree, using civic engagement and creative work to promote social justice.

Unit: Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH)

Bailey Scholars Program

BSP is a diverse community of learners pursuing a Minor in Leadership in Integrated Learning. Students practice supported self-directed learning.

Unit: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Freshman Seminars

Spartans roll up their sleeves & delve into learning with a passion. Seminars provoke your thinking & stimulate big ideas for your experience at MSU.

Unit: Undergraduate Education

Freshman Semihnar Abroad

Provides recently graduated, first-year students opportunities to explore intriguing topics in small, active, learning environments outside of the US.

Unit: Office of Study Abroad

Spartan Advantage

Eligible students receive sufficient grants, scholarships, and work study funds to cover the cost of tuition and fees, room and board, and books.

Unit: Office of Financial Aid

Short Term Loan Program

ASMSU offers a short-term and interest free loan for up to $300.00 during the first 6 weeks of the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Unit: ASMSU (Associate Student of MSU)

Pre-Departure Programs in Shanghai and Beijing

The Office of International Students and Scholars is pleased to present pre-departure sessions in Shanghai and Beijing for admitted students from China.

Unit: Office for International Students and Scholars

Spartan Preview

Provides information on immigration regulations, laws and safety, health insurance, what to pack, getting to campus and campus life, and more.

Unit: Office of Admissions

Preparation for Academic Life

Designed for academically bound undergraduate and graduate level students, topics include academic leaning and social life in American campuses.

Unit: English Language Center

Online Academic Training Course

A free online course helps international students and scholars with their transition to American academic life before/during their study at MSU.

Unit: English Language Center

Urban Educators Cohort Program

UECP helps students gain the knowledge and skills they will need to teach in communities where resources and services are most limited.

Unit: Urban Education

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)

Provides career counseling, personal advising, & academic support to first-generation college students, students who come from low-income backgrounds, & disabled students.

Unit: Office of Supportive Services

TRIO Excel Residential Summer Bridge Program

Provides students the experience of a college-level academic schedule as well as the opportunity to retake Placement Exams to earn a higher score.

Unit: Office of Supportive Services

Achieving Culturally Competent Education and Student Success (ACCESS)

Provides financial and educational support to help you earn a BS in Nursing and to help you pass the licensing exam to become a registered nurse.

Unit: College of Nursing

Maximizing Academic Growth in College (MAGIC)

A one-week summer program where students will be introduced to campus resources, network with MSU faculty/staff, and meet life-long friends.

Unit: Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions (OCAT)

Math Fundamentals

Evaluate & solve for one variable in algebraic equations. Solve linear equations & equations that utilize exponents or scientific notation, & more.

Unit: Mathematics

Enrichment Summer Program

The Enrichment Summer Program provides academic advancement and career knowledge for undergraduate students interested in veterinary medicine.

Unit: College of Veterinary Medicine

Engineering and Science Success Academy (ESSA)

A 7-week, residential, academic intensive program designed to acclimate incoming freshmen with both the academic & environmental aspects to college.

Unit: College of Engineering

Dow STEM Scholars

The Dow STEM Scholars Program focuses on assisting students’ transition into college and developing the skills needed in pursuing a STEM degree

Unit: Dow STEM Scholars


Before each semester, students select courses and register online. Instructions for registering are available on the registrar's website.

Unit: Office of the Registrar


Prerequisites are required courses that must be taken before enrolling in a certain course. View course descriptions to see prerequisite courses.

Unit: Office of the Registrar


To bypass certain enrollment restrictions on a course, students may seek an override by contacting the department/college of the course.


Math Requirements

The university mathematics requirement ensures that all students build a foundation of quantitative literacy, which each student must complete.

Unit: Office of the Registrar

Major: Picking a Major

Learn about majors by: attending Marathon of Majors, seeing an advisor, or taking an exploratory course, freshman seminar, or career assessment.

Unit: Career Services Network

Major: No Preference

Students who are below 56 credits and who have not declared a major. Students are assigned to an advisor in the NSSC.

Unit: Office of the Registrar

Major: Major Preference

Students who are below 56 credits and/or who have been opted into their college. Students are assigned to an advisor in the college of their major.

Unit: Office of the Registrar

Major: Major Admitted

Students who are at 56 credits & have been admitted or opted into their college. Students are assigned to an advisor in the college of their major.

Unit: Office of the Registrar

The ESL Lab

International students enrolled in academic classes at MSU can receive FREE tutoring from trained ESL writing consultants at the ELC ESL Lab.

Unit: English Language Center


Enrollment is the selection of courses based on the student's Academic Progress Plan previously developed & continually reviewed with an advisor.

Unit: Office of the Registrar

Theatre Tutoring

Students can request for out of class extra help for performance courses by contacting professors.

Unit: Department of Theatre, College of Arts and Letters

Academic Standing

The university requires a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above for graduation. Students who fall below academic standing will receive an email explaining next steps.

Unit: Office of the Registrar

Writing Requirements

All students must complete one WRA (Tier I) writing course (4 credits). Some students must complete additional courses (development, Tier II).

Unit: Office of the Registrar

Tutoring @ Briggs

At Lyman Briggs College, tutoring services are available for Briggs courses and all MSU courses for students looking for help in their coursework.

Unit: Lyman Briggs College

University Requirements

All students need 24 credits of Integrative Studies courses (social science, arts/humanities, natural science) + math and writing requirements.

Unit: Office of the Registrar

Volunteer English Tutoring Program

Providing free English conversation practice for MSU's international students, scholars and family members.

Unit: International Studies & Programs

Major: Changing a Major

Students can submit an online major change form and/or see an advisor in the NSSC or in their college.

Unit: Neighborhoods

Graduate Requirements

All students must complete a minimum of 120 credits with at least a 2.00 GPA in order to graduate, in addition to other requirements.

Unit: Office of the Registrar

CeLTA Language Conversation Hours

Practice language skills in an informal, low-pressure atmosphere where you can ask questions, speak in the target language, & learn about culture.

Unit: Arts and Letters

Social Sciences Advising-East Neighborhood

Advisers can help construct a course of study to meet special needs, interests, and requirements for graduation.

Unit: Social Science

Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC)

NSSC advisors are the primary academic advisors for students who have not declared a major preference.

Business Advising

Walk-in advising in the Neighborhoods for business majors with quick questions. Students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.

Unit: Business

Math Learning Center

Get free help for 1825, 100 & 200 level math classes, and even some upper-level courses. Courses not supported by MLC: MTH 101, 102, 201 & 202.

Unit: Department of Mathematics


profile placeholder when no image available
  • Chelsea Belote
  • Neighborhood Advisor, Brody
  • Brody Hall, 241 Brody Rd, Room 158
  • 517-884-6670
profile picture
  • DeAndre Carter
  • Neighborhood Advisor, South
  • Holden Hall, 234 Wilson Rd, Room C121
  • 517-884-6680
profile picture
  • Erica M. Fiasky, MURP
  • Neighborhood Advising Director, South
  • Holden Hall, 234 Wilson Rd., Room 125
  • (517) 884-6680
profile picture
  • Scott T. Fitzpatrick
  • Neighborhood Advising Director, River Trail
  • McDonel Hall, 817 E. Shaw Ln., Room C101J
  • (517) 884-4080
profile picture
  • Alexis B. Grantham
  • Neighborhood Advisor, East
  • Hubbard Hall, 964 Hubbard Rd, Room 130B
  • 517-884-3501
profile picture
  • Jeane Kring MA
  • Neighborhood Advisor, River Trail
  • McDonel Hall, 817 E. Shaw Ln., Room C101K
  • (517) 884-4080
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  • Jeff Lent
  • Neighborhood Advisor, Brody
  • Brody Hall, 241 W. Brody Rd., Room 163
  • (517) 884-6070
profile picture
  • Kang Li, PhD
  • Neighborhood Advisor, East
  • Hubbard Hall, 964 Hubbard Rd., Room 103A
  • (517) 884-3501
profile picture
  • Charlie Liu
  • Neighborhood Advising Director, East
  • Hubbard Hall, 964 Hubbard Rd, Room 130D
  • 517-884-3501
profile picture
  • Anthony L. McCray
  • Central Office Manager and Marketing, Branding, & Communications (MBC) Coordinator
  • MSU Union, 49 Abbot Rd., Room 332
  • (517) 884-3679
profile picture
  • Justin P. St. Charles, LMSW
  • Interim Neighborhood Advising Director, Brody
  • Brody Halll, 241 W Brody Rd, Room 157
  • (517) 884-6670
profile picture
  • Debra D. Thornton, MA
  • Neighborhood Advising Director, North
  • MSU Union, 49 Abbot Rd., Room 200B
  • (517) 884-3501
profile picture
  • Debra D. Thornton, MA
  • Neighborhood Advising Director, North
  • MSU Union, 49 Abbot Rd., Room 200B
  • (517) 884-3501
profile picture
  • Christy Stehouwer, MA
  • MAAPS Advisor
  • MSU Union, 49 Abbot Rd., Room 200H
  • 517-884-4050
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