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Time Management

Time management is one of the most important factors in determining a student's success. Your lives can be very complicated. Many students are not only trying to cope with being full-time students, they are also working, involved in extracurricular activities, have family responsibilities, have active social lives and often need to factor in commute time to their schedules. Learning how to balance your commitments and responsibilities is one of the primary skills that you should master not only for your success in academic areas but for your professional and personal life in the future.

An Advisor's Top Three Suggestions

  1. Prioritize - figure out what’s most important and what you can realistically do. For example, can you really work 35 hours a week and take 15 credits, do well, and stay a sane human being? Make adjustments where you can.
  2. Always make a master schedule for the semester, indicating your times for classes, study, work, sleep, personal time and other responsibilities. It helps to see where you’re going and how much time you have to get there. There are samples available in many of the web sites below.
  3. Know what’s coming up. Update your plan weekly, writing in dates for tests, papers and assignments due, readings to be done, and allowing an appropriate amount of time to get these done.

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