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College is a time to grow, discover yourself and the world around you, and develop long-lasting relationships. Your Neighborhood Engagement Center is a unique space serving as your hub for tutors, advisors, health practitioners, and other consultants that can help you navigate through your college career.

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North Engagement Center

The North Neighborhood is comprised of Mason/Abbot, and Snyder/Phillips Halls, just north of the Red Cedar River and Campbell, Gilchrist, Landon, Mayo, Williams and Yakeley Halls, situated along Michigan and Grand River Avenues. The North Neighborhood Engagement Center is located in the MSU Union.

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South Engagement Center

The South Neighborhood is located southwest of Spartan Stadium, between West Shaw Lane and Trowbridge Road. The South Neighborhood is comprised of four residence halls: Case, Wonders, Holden and Wilson Halls. The South Neighborhood Engagement Center is located in Holden Hall.

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East Engagement Center

The East Neighborhood is located on the northeast side of campus near the intersection of Hagadorn and Shaw Roads. The East Neighborhood is comprised of three residence halls: Akers, Holmes and Hubbard Halls. The East Neighborhood Engagement Center is located in Hubbard Hall.

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Brody Engagement Center

The Brody Neighborhood is located on the west side of campus, just north of the Red Cedar River. Brody is comprised of six residence halls that surround Brody Hall, where many of the neighborhood's common services are located, including the Brody Neighborhood Engagement Center. The residence halls located within the Brody complex include: Armstrong, Bailey, Bryan, Butterfield, Emmons and Rather halls.

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River Trail

River Trail Engagement Center

The River Trail Neighborhood is located along the south bank of the Red Cedar River on Shaw Lane. The River Trail Neighborhood is comprised of four residence halls: McDonel Hall, Shaw Hall, Owen Graduate Hall and Van Hoosen Apartments. The River Trail Neighborhood Engagement Center is located in McDonel Hall.

Resources for your every need

Located in every neighborhood, engagement centers provide the academic, intercultural, and health and wellness services needed for a successful journey at MSU. The best part? Free for all students.

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Academic support resources and advising to support developing effective academic skills.

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Career & Purpose

Support for finding one’s place at MSU relative to future major and/or career goals.

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Engagement with diverse populations and ideas to gain a sense of one's own identity and values.

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Health & Wellness

Assistance with managing self in terms of health and finances, identifying and reducing stress, as well as engaging in pro-health behaviors.

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Community Living

Development of social and peer connections at MSU; contributing to life in a respectful community; developing the ability to discuss, negotiate, and resolve conflict while negotiating multiple communities.

News + Events

Your source for the latest student news and events across campus.

MSU v ND poster

MSU v. Notre Dame -- It's A Beautiful Day For Football - Let's Keep It That Way

Sep 23

This weekend: have fun, stay safe, and Go Green! More info: 

koru mindfulness website

Koru Meditation Classes - Fall 2017

This Fall Semester of 2017, MSU Counseling and Psychiatric Services will be offering classes on Koru Mindfulness Meditation.  READ MORE.

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Best Colleges for Your Money - MSU Cracks Top 30

When it comes to using your college degree to get a job, and achieve success, Michigan State University is one of the top 30 universities in the nation, according to a new ranking by Money magazine.  READ MORE.

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Spartan Success Stories

Spartan undergraduates are connected and challenged in ways that translate into active learning, critical thinking, and, ultimately, higher graduation rates and career success -- strategic factors in MSU's Student Success Initiative.  READ MORE


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How MSU is Helping Students Graduate on Time and Save Money

MSU will start encouraging students to carry full credit loads to graduate more quickly, cut their costs, and even earn better grades.

Michigan State's new "Go Green. Go 15." campaign urges students to take an average of 15 credits per semester or complete 30 credits in their first year of study by taking summer classes.  READ MORE.


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