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Spartan Success Scholars

Welcome to the Spartan Success Scholars Program! This program has been designed  especially for you! We want you to be successful here at MSU and want to see you get your diploma on graduation day!

As part of the Spartan Success Scholars program, you can count on receiving continuous peer support, being introduced to and participating in high impact learning experiences, and becoming a part of a prestigious community of Scholars.

Specifically, Spartan Success Scholars receive communication from Resident Assistants (RA), Intercultural Aides (ICA), Neighborhood Engagement Directors, Neighborhood Advisors and other professionals who care about your success.

Our assessments have shown students who engage in the services offered through this opportunity have better grades and are more likely to return to MSU for additional semesters.

As a Spartan Success Scholar, you will have the opportunity to improve your academic engagement and achievement, gain life management skills, and grow your social and residential life on campus.

In order to opt out of the Spartan Success Scholars program, send an email to from your MSU email account ( with your name, MSU NetID, and a brief sentence telling us why you do not wish to participate in the Spartan Success Scholars Program.

Coaching Information

You are also invited to participate in an individualized academic coaching program to help you manage your academic and social transition at MSU. 

There is no obligation to participate in this program but evaluations of MSU students and Scholars indicate that students who use Neighborhood Services are more likely to earn better grades.

To sign up for the coaching program, use this link:

Neighborhood Spartan Success Scholars interested in the coaching program are invited to check out and like our Facebook page: 

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