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How Do I Choose a Major?

"How do I choose a major?" - "What can I do with that major?"

These are two questions students ask whether they are searching for a major or already have a major, but may not be completely satisfied with their choice. The Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative at Michigan State University has designed this portfolio to help students begin to find the answers to their questions by guiding them through the process of Self-Assessment, Exploring Majors, Exploring Careers, Skill Building, and finally putting it all together in Connecting Majors and Careers. Let’s get started.

How to Navigate These Pages

To the right of each page you will find a green box with navigation links for you to work through. Click the HOME link to return to this page. There will be many pages for you to print out to complete an exercise, so it's a good idea to have a printer handy. Your computer will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view certain files.