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What is a Portfolio and How Will It Help You?

As part of NSSC's efforts to help you choose an appropriate major, we have designed this website to guide you through the process of self-discovery and exploration of both majors and careers. As you work through the exercises on this site, you will be building a personal portfolio, a very useful document that will:

  • Help you gain a clearer understanding of your own goals and personal attributes
  • Help you gather and evaluate information to select your major
  • Guide you through the first stages of career exploration
  • Help you identify resources to build your academic and career skills
  • Organize your personal, academic and career-related materials in one place

We recommend that you purchase a three-ring binder big enough to hold all the information and materials you will be accumulating. As you gather information about yourself, your interests, majors, careers, etc., organize it in your binder in some way that will be meaningful to you. Storing all your career and academic information in your portfolio will help you to organize and evaluate all the many factors that you need to consider in making those important decisions about your major and possible careers.