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Dow STEM Scholars

The Dow STEM Scholars program was established to help students who place into Math 1825 have a smooth transition to college and gain the skills to succeed in STEM fields.

Enrollment Information:

Students enroll in the Dow STEM Scholars program the summer before their first year at MSU. Special orientation sessions occur each summer. For more information, please see the Dow STEM Scholars website: https://dowstemscholars.natsci.msu.edu/.

Program Information:

Incoming MSU students who are interested in majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields (STEM), who place into Math 1825 are eligible to become Dow STEM Scholars. This limited-enrollment program (for the first 120 students who apply) allows students to take a specially designed free online math course during the summer before their first year. At the end of the summer course students who have been successful can place into Math 103 or higher for fall. In addition, Dow STEM Scholars take a 1st Year Credit Seminar, a specially designed Dow STEM chemistry course and math sections in fall and fpring. Scholars participate in activities and field trips designed to make them more successful students and are granted research opportunities their 2nd year. 


Spartan Success Scholars

As a Spartan Success Scholar, you will have the opportunity to enhance your academic achievement, gain life skills, and build a strong social network.

You are automatically enrolled in the Spartan Success Scholars Program upon admittance to MSU, so no other action is needed on your end to join!

Coaching Information:

Spartan Success Scholars are invited to participate in the coaching program. In this program, students will be paired with an excellent student role model who can help you succeed academically, make friends, and get the most out of your campus experience. Evaluations of MSU students and Scholars indicate that students who use Neighborhood Services are more likely to earn better grades. This program works!

Sign up for a coach here

Neighborhood Spartan Success Scholars interested in the coaching program are invited to check out and like our Facebook page.

*If there are questions or concerns about the coaching program or the coach you are assigned to, contact the coordinator, Christina Finley, at finleyc1@msu.edu.

Program Information:

Spartan Success Scholars Program includes the following students:

  • First generation
  • Pell grant eligible
  • Spartan Advantage recipients
  • International students
  • Those in developmental writing (WRA 1004) and math (MTH 1825)

This program is designed to support students during their transition to MSU. The academic and social support we offer has demonstrated positive results in the lives of our students. We want you to be successful in all areas of college life so you can graduate from MSU with a degree that matches your strengths and passions. We want you to be successful here at MSU and want to see you get your diploma on graduation day!

As part of the Spartan Success Scholars program, you will receive communication and continuous support from dedicated staff members who live in yourr Neighborhoods. You will be introduced to activities that have been proven to make students more successful. Research has shown students who engage in the activities offered through this opportunity have better grades and are more likely to stay on course for graduation.

To opt out of the Spartan Success Scholars program, send an email to nhds@msu.edu from your MSU email account (YourNetID@msu.edu) with your name, MSU NetID, and a brief sentence telling us why you do not wish to participate in the Spartan Success Scholars Program.