Petitioning for Reinstatement

Petitioning for Reinstatement provides you an opportunity to speak with an Associate Dean about your academic progress in your most recent semester(s). Petitioning for Reinstatement does not guarantee that you will be reinstated and you will be asked to provide evidence that supports the likelihood that you would return to good academic standing the next semester - you need to prove (not merely assert) you are ready to succeed if allowed to return to the university and resume course work. This is an opportunity for students to share any extenuating circumstances that may have affected their ability to be academically successful.

You may submit a Petition for Reinstatement for any future semester prior to the completion of the required three consecutive semesters of recess.

Please refer to your Confidential Message detailing the process for submitting a Petition for Reinstatement.

This information is for students whose major is Exploratory Preference (5151). If your major currently outside of Exploratory Preference, please contact the Academic and Student Affairs Office (Advising Office) for the college of your declared major:

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

College of Arts and Letters

Eli Broad College of Business

College of Communication Arts and Sciences

College of Education

College of Engineering

James Madison College

Lyman Briggs College

College of Music

College of Natural Science

College of Nursing

Residential College in the Arts and Humanities

College of Social Science

College of Veterinary Medicine