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Collaborative Learning Center Services by Request

There are several ways students can access the CLC’s academic success services: directly by signing up for and attending our regular full workshops; by dropping in to our traveling mini-workshops; or by participating in our study tables. Also, advisers, instructors, or residence hall leaders can choose from a list of academic success resources, many of which can be specially tailored for the needs of your students.


Read on to find out more about our WORKSHOPS, MINI-WORKSHOPS, and FACILITATED STUDY TABLES. We offer all three every semester, but are also available to work with MSU colleagues who wish to organize events in partnership with the CLC and our talented Undergraduate Educators (UEs).


Contact the CLC for information on workshops, facilitated study tables, and mini-workshops that can be brought to your on-campus venue.


For more information, contact the Collaborative Learning Center at 517 -355-2363 or


Description of Workshops

Below is a list of workshops that includes those workshops on the current semester’s schedule as well as workshops that, while not included in the current rotation, are being developed for future semesters and can be requested for specific audiences. This allows us to tailor workshops to specific needs and circumstances.


Time Management, Organization, and Prioritization Workshops

Academic Time Management (ATM): A Simple Plan for Academic Success

  • establishing a successful weekly/daily routine for getting the most from lectures
  • increase awareness of upcoming exams and other big assignments

Prioritize Like a Pro (PLP)

  • easy-to-implement strategies for prioritizing personal, work, and academic tasks
  • using planners and other time management tools efficiently

Getting Over Procrastination (GOP)

  • understanding and overcoming procrastination
  • how to take advantage of procrastination

Time Management

  • using planners and other time management tools and strategies
  • connecting short term decisions and behaviors to long term goals


Getting the Most out of Lectures Workshops

Take Charge of Your Reading (TCR)*

  • analyze the purpose and structure of each reading assignment for greatest efficiency and learning
  • scheduling reading to maximize learning

Take Charge of Your Social Sciences Reading

Take Charge of Your Natural Sciences Reading

Take Charge of Your Specialized Reading

  • increasing awareness of the reading situation
  • adapting reading strategies for most effective use in entry level courses

Effective Note-Taking (ENT)

  • developing a note-taking system that works
  • note-taking for different purposes
  • writing to learn

Annotate Your Way to Higher Grades (AHG)

  • annotating texts for more efficient reading
  • how annotating contributes to long term learning


More Powerful Learning and Study Strategies Workshops


High-Impact Study Techniques I: Spaced Study and Retrieval Practice (HIST 1)

  • using spaced study for better comprehension and retention
  • using strategic forgetting to increase retrieval and long term retention

High-Impact Study Techniques II: Brain Building (HIST 2)

  • using elaboration and concrete examples to deepen learning
  • using dual coding to overcome cognitive overload

More Than Memorizing (MTM): Graphical and Analytical Strategies to Turbo-Charge your Recall and Critical Thinking for Exams

  • using analytical and graphical tools to move learning to a higher level
  • learning strategies to master critical thinking and applying new information

Mathematics Success Skills (MSS)

  • making better use of your math study time
  • learning to read math tests more effectively


Test Taking and Test Preparation Strategies Workshops

Get Ready for Finals (GRF)

  • figuring out exam week priorities
  • learning from privious exams

Preparing for Exams in the Social or Natural Sciences

  • focusing on the special demands of assessments in the disciplines


        We offer pared down versions of some our most popular workshops in the neighborhoods and other campus locations to introduce some of the most effective strategies we teach in our full workshops.


Facilitated Study Tables

The CLC Undergraduate Educators will host informal study spaces that enhance students’ sense of belonging to a learning community and encourage the formation of study groups. Students can also “Ask the Experts” if they feel like they have hit a wall. Our UEs can give suggestions as to how to approach certain learning tasks or provide feedback on new learning strategies students are practicing.