Workshop Schedule & Registration

Spring 2022 Workshops

All workshops are free but registration is required. To register, click on the workshop date.


Academic Time Management

Description: Achieve academic success by moving beyond basic planners and calendars; learn how adding a few simple time management techniques to your routine can significantly improve your academic performance and reduce the anxiety that comes with procrastination (CLC Semester Calendar, CLC Weekly Planner)

Wednesday, January 19th, 6pm - 7pm

 Friday, January 21st, 11am - 12pm


Using Your Course Syllabus for Academic Success

Description: Course syllabi are your roadmaps to academic success, but students may gain opportunities to optimize performance in every class by learning their way around their syllabi. Know how to succeed in each class by understanding course objectives, and knowing which course resources and assessments are most crucial to your grade. For this workshop, you will need to bring all of you syllabi and the CLC Semester Calendar that will be sent to your email 

 Getting Over Procrastination

Description: Procrastination saps the energy and undermines the potential accomplishments of many talented people; so many of us see procrastination as an unwelcome but unavoidable part of our lives and even think it might be some sort of character flaw. The fact is that procrastination has many causes, and the key is to focus on making it easier to NOT procrastinate on high priority tasks. This workshop will teach you how small changes in your thinking, your routines, your habits, and your surroundings can make it easier for you to get essential things done while saving mental and emotional energy


  Prioritize Like a Pro

Description: In this workshop, we will discuss time management and prioritization with an emphasis on tools and strategies. Bring your schedules, to-do lists, and planners to this session so you can practice during the workshop. We will discuss how to balance competing priorities and manage your tasks based on your own schedule. We will also discuss options for planners, to-do lists, and other productivity tools.

 Wednesday, January  26th, 11am - 12pm


 Effective Note Taking

Description: Do you find yourself taking notes and then not knowing how to study them later? Or maybe the way you take notes just isn’t working for every class. This workshop will introduce you to different strategies to revitalize your note-taking and increase the variety of note-taking and note-using methods you can use for different purposes including note-taking during lectures, reviewing new material, deep study, and other circumstances

 Thursday, January 27th 6pm - 7pm