Peer Educator Training and Professional Development

The goal is simple: improve student learning by providing more—and better—support to students through peer educators. By providing or arranging training in pedagogy, MSU policy, and socio-emotional support, the CLC equips peer educators to more comprehensively support students, to work with students both in and out of classrooms, to interact with faculty, and to provide various supplemental instruction methodologies to discover more effective ways to scale support to MSU students.


Available Training and Professional Development

The CLC provides training and professional development opportunities that are developed to enhance Peer Educators’ skills in supporting their fellow students. Training and professional development opportunities are grounded in research and best practices. Sessions are arranged into three major categories geared to holistically support students:

  1. Trainings in pedagogy provide Peer Educators with tools and structures to facilitate learning. This category includes topics such as: Facilitation Skills, Active Learning Techniques, Goal Setting with Peers, etc.
  2. We arrange training on MSU policy through campus partners who provide their subject matter expertise on various policies and key campus resources. These trainings provide Peer Educators with the knowledge needed to follow campus policies, a bank of resources to refer students to, and tools they can use to respond to students’ needs. This category includes topics such as: RVSM and Mandatory Reporting, FERPA, Situational Awareness and Active Violence, Bias Response and Reduction, etc.
  3. Trainings in socio-emotional support round out a Peer Educator’s toolkit and focus on interpersonal skills that encourage relationship development and emotional support. This category includes training topic such as: Communication Skills, Rapport Building as a Peer Educator, Motivational Interviewing and Empathy, Conflict Management, etc.

How We Can Deliver Training For Your Program

We have several avenues available to access our Peer Educator Training and Professional Development opportunities.

  1. Training Workshop Series - offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Workshops cover topics in pedagogy, MSU policy, and socio-emotional support. All Peer Educators are welcome and should sign up via the link provided in each semesters workshop flyer.
  2. Tailored Trainings (by request) - You may request a tailored training and a CLC team member will work with you to create and facilitate sessions that meet your program’s specific needs. Tailored trainings vary and include formats such as day-long sessions for peer educators or 1-hour workshops for classes, programs, and events.  A 2-4 week lead time is needed for tailored trainings. Requests can be made via the training request  form.
  3. Consultations - We are happy to meet with you to discuss  ideas or resources for you to provide additional training and professional development to your Peer Educators on your own. If you are interested in this, contact the Coordinator for Peer Educator Training and Professional Development via the request form, by calling us at (517)355-2363, or by emailing