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Unit/Organization: Name: Email: Category: Social Media:
Center for Latin America & Caribbean Studies Angie Vega  Academic Affairs & Student Services
Chicano/Latino Studies Eric Gonzalez Juenke  Academic Program
Migrant Student Service

Aleida Martinez

Luis A. Garcia 

Chicano Latino Studies Minor Nicolas Gisholt  College of Social Science
Global and International Studies - Latin American Studies Nicolas Gisholt  College of Social Science
Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, CANR Katusha Galitzine  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Office of Cultural and Academic Tansitions Latino Student Mentoring  Division of Student Affairs and Services
Rueda Latina Amanda Flores  Graduate Student Organization in the College of Education
MSU Information Technology Services Angela Laferriere  Human Resources
Cesar E. Chavez Collection, MSU Libraries Andrea Salazar  Libraries
Wharton Center for Performing Arts Laurie Briseno  Outreach & Engagement
Native American and Hispanic Business Students Gerardo Lucena  Professional Development
Julian Samora Research Institute Jocelyn Janicek  Research
Fraternity & Sorority Life Elana Levy  Student Affairs
Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions Culturas De Las Razas Unidas (CRU)  Student Org
dreaMSU Shiksha Sneha 

Student Org for immigrant students (including undocu/DACAmented students) and their allies
Michigan State University Socierty of Hispanic Professional Engineers MSU SHPE Areli C  Student Organization
Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions Dia de la Mujer Annual Conference  Student Services
Division of Student Affairs and Services Office of Cultural and Academic Transisitons  Student Services
Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions Intercultural Aide Program (MRULE/ICA)  Student Services
Office for Experiential Learning - College of Social Science Cristian Lambaren Sanchez  Student Services & Opportunities
Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) Michael Hudson  Disability Resources and Services
Migrant Student Services Luis A. Garcia   APUE
Counseling and Psychiatric Services Yvonne L. Connelly  Health and Wellness
Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) Dr. Jessica Mitchell-Corsino  Student Health and Wellness
Erica Fiasky 
Mujer a Mujer Erica Fiasky, Danielle Lopez & Aleida Martinez

Women Empowerment

College of Natural Sciences Danielle Flores Lopez  Student Success/Advising