Congratulations to Megan Kramer

April 12, 2019

Megan Kramer has been an excellent student employee. She is reliable, professional, positive, and has a high-quality work ethic.  Megan has stayed late to help cover the desk for her peers who could not make it to work at the start of their shift. She has been flexible with her shifts and changed times with a peer who had a conflict with a scheduled shift and class.

Everyday that Megan comes into work she is a positive energy in the room. She always has a willingness to help me when I am working on things. She sets the bar high with her high-quality work ethic and uniqueness of contribution. I am relatively new to the position and she has been a great resource when it comes to letting me know how something was done in the past, or certain processes within the office.

Megan has been an exemplary student employee and I am lucky to have her working in the North Neighborhood. I am excited for Megan to graduate this year because I know she will go on to do amazing things. Thank you for your years of hard work and dedication Megan!