Online Learning Tips

Online learning can have its challenges. The good news is that we are here to help. Below are some are some tips for getting the most out of online learning. 



Here are some other things to remember.


  • Time management: Treat online learning like a "real" course. Devote consistent blocks of time to learning and hold yourself to them on a daily basis. Stick to this schedule and don't let the flexibility of online learning become a hindrance. Give yourself ample time to overcome any technical difficulties and ask for help when needed.


  • Communication and participation: Stay in regular contact with both your instructor and your classmates. Read the syllabus. Familiarize yourself with different modes of communication (D2L, zoom, email, google docs, etc.) and follow the rules of netiquette. Leverage you academic and peer networks to get the most out of online learning. Online learning can feel isolating, but it can also be an opportunity for collaboration so stay connected.


  • Create an effective learning environment/study space: Establish a dedicated space for learning every day. Have access to all needed resources in this space (internet connection, devices, books, syllabi, etc.). Avoid distractions (games, Netflix, etc.) and pick a setting that enhances your productivity. Choose a comfortable space where you can study or engage with class(es) for multiple hours at a time.


  • Technical skills, resources, and connectability: Online learning requires some basic technical skills that may be unfamiliar to students more at home in in-person settings. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the learning platform chosen by the instructor (D2L, Teams, Google, etc.) and troubleshoot any technical difficulties you may encounter. Choose a study space with a strong internet connection and outlets for necessary devices.  Promptly share any technical and hardware constraints or concerns with your instructor and advisor so they can support you during this transition.


  • Accountability, responsibility, motivation, and persistence: Online learning differs from in-person learning in that it is largely self-driven and highly flexible. In order to succeed in this environment, students have to want to learn and maintain a high level of motivation. Take responsibility for your learning and hold yourself accountable to the schedule and goals you set for yourself. Learning online can feel isolating and technical challenges can be frustrating, but keep at it. When in doubt connect with your instructor, advisor, and/or peers for assistance.