Detroit M.A.D.E. Advising

Dominique Devereaux, Detroit M.A.D.E. Academic Advisor

I am a proud graduate of Martin Luther King Jr. High School and honored to serve as a direct university resource to students from Detroit! It is a dream come true to give back to the communities, both Detroit and MSU, that helped shape me.

Dominique Devereaux

Academic Advising collaborates with Detroit M.A.D.E. Scholars to assist in navigating Michigan State University and helping you to achieve academic, personal and career success. The Detroit M.A.D.E. Academic Advisor serves in a supplemental role to your major advisor as an academic coach throughout your four year academic journey at Michigan State University. Advising interactions will focus on the following:

  • Major/minor exploration
  • Developing educational/career goals
  • Evaluation of academic progress and graduation planning
  • Identification of campus resources
  • Integrating organizational, time management and study strategies
  • Basic financial discussion
  • Professional (medical school, law school, etc.) and Graduate School discussions
  • Navigating and understanding academic policies
  • …and more

*Note:  Within any of these topics, students will be referred to the appropriate campus resource(s) to enhance or further assist the understanding and/or development of the area.

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Interactive workshops are offered to focus on specific topics that will enhance student’s technical, academic, social and professional skills. Workshops include tutoring sessions, guest speakers in various professions, forums on job and or volunteer opportunities, connections to faculty and staff mentors, and more. 

Spring 2019 workshops:

Diversity Coffee Hour

Pathway to Medical School