Education Abroad

Education Abroad

Detroit M.A.D.E. Scholars will participate in education abroad or study away experiences to broaden their awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures. Each of the Detroit M.A.D.E. abroad or away experiences are also designed to facilitate connections between the host city and student’s hometown of Detroit. 


Detroit M.A.D.E. Designed Experiences

Summer 2019

  • Montreal/Toronto, Canada

Summer 2020 (anticipated)

  • Ghana

Spring Break 2021 (anticipated)

  • Puerto Rico

Being a member of Detroit M.A.D.E has enabled me to explore different cultures and serve my community. This summer, I was able to go on a pilot study abroad trip to Canada. There, I was able to learn about Canadian culture, Indigenous history, and the historical experience of Black people in Canada. I was also able to experience current Canadian culture through riding public transportation, visiting public monuments, and visiting a Canadian cemetery.

Third Year (Fall 2016 M.A.D.E. Pilot Cohort)