First Year Seminar

First Year SeminarThis course is open to first year students in the Detroit M.A.D.E. Scholars Program. The seminar focuses on college transition and success through an engagement with theories, resources and tools. The class objective is to affirm that getting through college and achieving your academic, professional and personal goals involves help seeking, planning and intentional engagement with resources and people. As instructors we approached this course with the perspective of wanting to help you with:

1) Your transition into college

2) Building your community and

3) Your persistence from semester to semester and year to year to graduation.

Our expectations of you in actualizing the aforementioned 3 goals are for you to:

1) Apply practices that are important to your success (application)

2) Be deliberate and purposeful and doing so through informed decision-making

[In] my first semester of college in a new environment, every Monday at 4:10 conveniently, in my residence building in South neighborhood I have a Detroit Made Freshmen Seminar class. The class is small and very interactive. My teachers Joy and Dominique provide a comfortable classroom environment, where this big campus suddenly seems smaller.

First year student (Cohort Fall 2018)