First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar

M.A.D.E. Scholars are required to participate in a 1-credit seminar in their first Fall semester at Michigan State University. This course is designed to complement advising topics that promote successful transition from K-12 (high school) into college.


The follow are some of the topics that are covered:

  • Time management and study skills
  • Personal and professional networking
  • Resume building
  • Challenges and Resiliency
  • Identification of campus resources
  • Wellness behaviors
  • Academic planning

[In] my first semester of college in a new environment, every Monday at 4:10 conveniently, in my residence building in South neighborhood I have a Detroit Made Freshmen Seminar class. The class is small and very interactive. My teachers Joy and Dominique provide a comfortable classroom environment, where this big campus suddenly seems smaller.

First year student (Cohort Fall 2018)