Dow STEM Success Scholars Program

dow stem scholars

The Dow STEM Scholars Program provides academic and social support services to incoming MSU students (Michigan Residents-Only), who want to pursue a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) major and place into Intermediate College Algebra & Trigonometry - Math 103A on the MSU Math Placement Exam. The Dow STEM Scholars Program focuses on assisting students’ transition into college and develop the skills needed to pursue a STEM degree. The program gives students with academic potential the opportunity to surround themselves with a positive group of fellow Spartans who are motivated to earn a STEM degree. Participation in the Dow STEM Scholars Program is free.




60% of Dow Scholars who successfully completed the Dow Summer Math course in 2015-17, completed their University basic math requirement by the end of their first year compared to only 13% of non-Dow students.

Dow Scholars have a higher retention rate than similar non-Dow students.

Dow Scholars report that the program has helped them successfully adjust to college life.

Dow Scholars are overall more academically successful and more likely to remain in college than similar non-Dow students.