Exploratory Preference Major

Are you interested in a variety of different majors and are not sure where to start? Then you have come to the right place. Our NSSC advisors serve as the exploration experts on campus and can discuss your interests and options with you and help you make a schedule for exploring.

Choosing Exploratory Preference is a wise choice because most other students change their majors one or more times. It allows you to more intentionally explore options. Majors have electives built in, so there’s room to take classes from different majors, and many majors can be completed in just two years, since the number of credits for a major is only a fraction of those required for a degree. Also, it is important to know that for many careers your major is not the most important qualification (passion for the field, well-rounded experience, and good grades often matter more). Many careers require a college degree, but not a specific major, so explore your passions. take advantage of this amazing opportunity to find a major that is a good fit. Check out some of the resources that the NSSC offers for our exploratory preference students.                                

Student Talking to Advisor

  • Academic Advising

    The NSSC Academic Advisor provides one-on-one academic advisement for primarily first and second year students at MSU. Additionally, advisors provide success coaching intake and serve as the exploration experts on campus. It is recommended that you see an Academic Advisor twice a semester in order to be successful and to stay on track to graduating on time. Learn how you can receive more help by clicking here!

  • Academic Coaching

    The Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative advisors work includes coaching students on academic success skill development (i.e. note taking, time management, reaching out to profs, etc.). Learn more here!