Student Programs

The Neighborhood Student Success Offers several programs designed to support your success at Michigan State University provides specialized services that include peer-to-peer coaching, math support for STEM majors, and community engagement and service learning to name a few. 

Our pathways programs help you navigate your transition to MSU, improve your academic skills and most importantly, connect you to an engaging community of students, staff and faculty who work together to help you achieve your goals at MSU. Check out our four pathway programs Detroit M.A.D.E., Dow STEM Scholars, Spartan Success Scholars, and Trio Student Support Services to learn more and see which program might be a good fit for you!

  • Detroit M.A.D.E
    The Detroit M.A.D.E. Scholars Program focuses on college transition, graduation and career development for students who have graduated from Detroit public and charter high schools who also reside in the city of Detroit. Learn more by clicking here!
  • Dow STEM
    The Dow STEM Scholars Program provides academic and social support services to incoming MSU students (Michigan Residents-Only), who want to pursue a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) major and place into Intermediate College Algebra & Trigonometry - Math 103A on the MSU Math Placement Exam. Learn more by clicking here!
  • Spartan Success Scholars (SSS)
    The Spartan Success Scholars Program is for first generation college students, those students whose parents have not completed undergraduate studies at a four-year university. The program propels first and second year students at Michigan State University towards academic success and graduation. Designed with first-gen students in mind, this program supports students in their transition from high school to college and beyond. Each scholar in the program is assigned a peer and professional coach to work with over two years, who are both dedicated to building academic skills, helping scholars navigate the university experience and supporting personal growth. Scholars also participate in learning experiences designed to reduce the cost and time it takes to earn a degree from MSU. Learn more by clicking here!
  • TRIO Student Support Services
    Michigan State University TRIO Student Support Services provides academic assistance, career counseling, personal advising, and academic support for first-generation college students, students who come from low-income backgrounds, and disabled students. These students may face unique challenges in college because of educational or economic circumstances. Learn more by clicking here!