Neighborhood Student Success Center (NSSC)


About NSSC


The Neighborhood Student Success Center (NSSC) is committed to supporting all MSU undergraduate students to succeed with a focus on academic achievement, institutional navigation and a sense of belonging by serving as a crucial interface between students and student services programs. The Engagement Centers expand the capacity of the academic colleges and units, Student Life and Engagement, Student Health Services, the Office of Undergraduate Education programs, and other critical student support services, by creating and managing collaborative and innovative spaces within the residence halls that bring services to students. As a central place for students, including students with marginalized identities, they also serve as a prime locus of data gathering on student experiences and opportunity gaps that can be used to inform MSU policies, procedures, and practices.

Who We Are



The NSSC is an innovative and collaborative organization of experts driving Michigan State University to continually improve the services, practices, and activities for holistic student success. As trailblazers in student success, we know the importance of adaptability and being proactive. We excel because we value our differences as strengths. Our diversity, experience and transparency allows us to be a reliable source of knowledge for students and campus partners.

What We Are


We promote academic proficiency, institutional navigation and socio-emotional engagement, which support student success. We do this through: Academic advising and academic success coaching, Engagement Center resources, our student success programs (TRIO, DOW STEM Scholars Program, and Detroit M.A.D.E. Scholars Program) and Collaborative Learning Center (where we train peer educators across the university, provide success skill workshops, and are experts on non-cognitive indicators of academic success).

NSSC also houses the Academic Affairs office for Exploratory Preference and serve as the exploration experts on campus. Within the NSSC, Neighborhoods Advisors coordinate administrative actions (withdrawals, late drops, readmissions, etc.) and provide academic advising and coaching.

Our Values