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Identity Conscious


Consortium of represented Identity Based groups designed to intentionally increase student success efforts for the represented groups and close the opportunity gaps that exist. Goals include but are not limited to increasing graduation rates, shorten time to degree, and close opportunity gaps. To close these opportunity gaps, an investment in strategies and programs that are specifically designed to promote student success in the populations that are lagging behind.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a sense of belonging by participating in intentional programming and activities geared toward their specific identity-based communities.
  • Exhibit the ability to articulate institutional policies and procedures and how to successfully navigate them.
  • Identify supportive spaces to connect with MSU faculty, staff, & peers of shared identities to promote engagement in curricular and co-curricular experiences in order to increase persistence rates.
  • Recognize and utilize reliable resources that will increase opportunities for academic advancement, increased GPA, and shorten time to degree completion.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of one’s identity and the identities of others in addition to understanding one’s positionality and one’s positionality as it relates to others.

Active Communities

  • Latinx Student Success Committee
  • Black Strategic Outreach
  • Veteran Student Success Committee
  • LGBT Student Success Committee
  • APIDA Student Success Committee

Future Communities

  • Native American/Indigenous Student Success Committee
  • 1st Generation Student Success Committee
  • Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) Student Success Committee
  • International Student Success Committee
  • Rural Community Student Success Committee