Neighborhood Student Success Center (NSSC)

TRIO Academic Advising

TRIO SSS scholars receive personalized academic coaching and advising services, complementing the support offered by MSU college advisors. TRIO advisors help students navigate college challenges and connect them to resources for academic, personal, and financial assistance. Scholars must meet with their TRIO Advisor at least once per semester, with options for meetings via phone, email, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or in person. Instructions for scheduling appointments online can be found below. 

To begin your advising process, we need to schedule a 30-minute appointment with you. To schedule an appointment, please follow the instructions below: 

 1. Go to: and log in with your MSU email and password 

 2. Click on the “Academic Progress” tile (see image below for reference)

4. Click “Create New Appointment”

5. For category, select advising. For Advising/Tutoring Unit, select TRIO Advising from the drop-down menu (see image below for reference). For reason, select TRIO Advising (you will have to click on the number to actually select the reason). In the additional information box (which it requires you to fill out), you can just say “TRIO Advising”. For Appointment Type, select Zoom. Click Select Advisor. 

6. From the list of available times, select the time you would like to meet from the drop-down menu and click Select Time.

7. Review your selection and the Zoom information (we recommend copying and pasting this information/keeping this information somewhere that is easily accessible so that you can find it quickly at the time of your appointment) and click “Book It!”.

8. You will receive an email confirmation with the date and time of your appointment. You will also receive an Outlook calendar invitation that you should RSVP yes to. The Zoom information should be located in that calendar invitation after you click yes/accept, but sometimes it does not show up, so this is why it is recommended saving that information when it is presented to you as you book the appointment. 

 Get in with our TRIO advisors and schedule your advising appointment today!