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The Dow STEM Scholars Program is a 4 year old program that was initially funded by The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation to increase the number of students who graduate with degrees in STEM disciplines.  The program provides students who place into MTH 103A (Intermediate College Algebra & Trigonometry) the academic support and resources needed to increase their readiness to succeed in a STEM major.

  • Participation in the Dow STEM Scholars Program is FREE.

Participation in the Dow STEM Scholars Program Summer Orientation is FREE. There is no cost.

All student housing, food, supplies and activities are provided by the program.

Yes, to qualify for the Dow STEM Scholars Program you are required to take the MSU math placement test and score between a 0-9.  On occasions we can and do accept a score of a 10.

  • No, one-third of all incoming MSU freshman students place into Math 103A.  For students planning on pursuing a STEM major this is a mandatory course that must be mastered in order to progress into the required STEM prerequisites courses, MTH 103 and Chemistry 141.  Also, by placing into Math 103A you are now eligible to participate in the Dow STEM Success Scholars Program.

The program is specifically designed to assist students succeed in pursuing a STEM degree by providing a variety of Services & Activities that boost academic success.The program is specifically designed to assist students succeed in pursuing a STEM degree by providing a variety of Services & Activities that boost academic success.

  • Register here today, space is limited to the first 75 students who apply.

Scholars are required to attend one of the Dow Summer Orientations held virtually and when possible in person on campus.

After the conclusion of the Dow Orientation, Scholars will have the option to attend  the MSU NSO to maximize their time and get additional support during NSO.

Yes, Dow STEM Scholars are encourage to participate and utilize every MSU resource available to achieve their educational goals.  Each of the programs has agreed to work collaboratively with Dow Scholars and allow students to participate in multiple programs.  The Dow Scholars staff will assist students in determining their level of program participation, based on an individual basis.

Yes, the Dow STEM Success Scholars Program is intended to strengthen existing skills by providing scholars a variety services and opportunities that help students reach their academic goals. Students should not look at Math 103A as a barrier, but as an opportunity to enhance their math knowledge base which is essential for success in future STEM Math & Science courses.

The Dow Math Course is as an online class that has live lectures.  Each summer we set a schedule. Typically classes are every day, Monday through Thursday every week for ~8weeks. To accommodate schedules, we try to have one day time and one evening session.  There is no travel to MSU’s Campus outside of the required Dow Summer Orientation. Students may participate in either the morning or afternoon lectures, based on which ever lecture fits their summer schedules. Students unable to participate in live lectures may access lecture recordings (this is not recommended).

Scholars are able to opt-out of the program at any time.  Scholars who intend to opt-out of the program must notify the Dow STEM Scholars office and complete the appropriate paperwork.

  • Unfortunately, the only students eligible to receive Dow STEM Scholar services are those students that have completed the entire Dow Summer Math course and exam.

DSS will continue to support Dow Scholars throughout their educational experience at MSU.  Dow Scholars will always have access to Dow-only sections of specific courses, academic advising services, Dow-only activities and trips, research grant and peer mentoring opportunities, and a variety of other services offered specifically to Dow Scholars.

Dow STEM Scholars are required to participate in a limited number of activities while participating in the program (1-3 things/per term). These activities include Dow Advising, Study Table, Peer Mentoring Meetings, and Semester Kick-off Event/Orientation. Scholars will receive a program schedule prior to the start of the semester.

  • The book and supplies for the summer course are free. Students receive a free Math book, Use of a Graphing calculator, and the access code for the Math course website at the Dow Orientation.
  • Every Dow Scholars is assigned a Peer Mentor to help them transition into MSU and connect to the Dow STEM Scholars Program.  Peer Mentors are responsible for meeting with scholars and providing social and academic support throughout the semester.