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Scholar Funding

Scholar Funding

Dow STEM Scholars Scholarship Funds Process

The purpose of this award is to enhance the educational experience of Dow STEM Scholars through a research or STEM related experience. Activities that may be funded include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Funds to enable a Dow Scholar to engage in a research or high impact experience
  • Funds to allow a student to take a summer class which will enhance their research ability. The class must be taken via MSU
  • Funds to allow a student to participate in experiences such as a study abroad to enhance their STEM knowledge
  • Funds are not intended to be used for normal academic support

Each year there will be a set amount available for Dow Scholars, the set amount will be announced in the spring for the following academic year.


  • Currently be classed as an active Dow STEM Scholar
  • Majoring in a Dow approved STEM major
  • Be in academic good standing
  • Complete required application, incomplete application will not be reviewed
  • Funds must be dispersed prior to graduation
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.75 or a STEM Major GPA of a 2.75



October 15th for all spring funds

March 15th for all summer and following fall funds

All completed applications must be turned in by the deadline.   Once received, applicant will be sent a received confirmation.  Notifications will be sent out by the end of the deadline month.  Funds will be applied to the following semester.  PLEASE NOTE:  Financial Aid will be contacted so that the research grant does not negatively impact students’ aid package.  

If awarded the Dow STEM Funding, all recipients are required to supply a thank you letter to the Dow STEM Advisory Committee and provide a presentation to the Dow STEM Scholars Program the following semester.