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Program Services

Program Services

Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Applications are now OPEN!

Dow STEM Scholars offers specially designed courses/sections to program participants that help students transition into college and develop their all-important math and sciences skills.  Each of the Dow Scholars courses/sections have been developed to provide Scholars with the optimal opportunity to learn from instructors who understand our students’ diverse levels of understanding and unique abilities.  Here a list of Dow Scholars Courses/Sections offered this year:

This is a hybrid (online & live broadcast) course, which involves an in-person orientation, (optional) on-campus lecturers, proctored test, and daily on-line coursework.   The three on-campus lectures give students the opportunity to meet with the course instructors and their fellow Dow Scholars. Tutors will also be available to assist students on-line throughout the summer. At the end of the course students will be placed into Math 103B for Fall.

The purpose of Dow STEM Scholars Academic & Professional Training is to give students the opportunity to develop the skills needed to successfully transition into Michigan State University and understand the rigorous demands of pursuing a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) Major. The course utilizes an interactive format that prepares students to learn using a variety of assignments and projects.

Introduction to core ideas in chemistry (structure and properties of matter, energy, and electrical forces) blended with science practices (use of models, argumentation, construction of scientific explanations, mathematical thinking) to understand and explain chemical phenomena.

Provides students practical knowledge in the following areas: number systems; functions and relations; exponents and logarithms; elementary theory of equations; inequalities; and systems of equations.